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When growing political tension forced the issue between union and secession into open conflict, Mississippi left the Union on a split decision. The wealthier families in the state, hesitant to trust their fortunes to a fledgling government, were joined in their support of the Union by the poorer classes, who feared the possibility of war. It was the ambitious middle class who pushed for separation from the Union and, through brilliant oratory and sheer numbers, swept the others with them into secession. At an emotional meeting of the state convention on January 9, 1861, Mississippi became the second Southern state to secede from the Union on an 84-15 vote.  On January 21, Jefferson Davis resigned his seat in the United States Senate, and on February 9 was elected President of the Confederate States of America.

Maddoxx - BurningMaddoxx - BurningMaddoxx - BurningMaddoxx - Burning