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Corn on macabre - i & ii

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Hood’s Division moved toward farmer David Miller’s fields from the Smoketown Road. Before the Texas Brigade, commanded by Colonel William T. Wofford, a ridge of ground immediately south of the Cornfield hid them from the two 12-pounder Napoleons of Battery B, 4th . artillery near Miller’s barn. As Hood’s men advanced, however, four more Federal guns would come up, bringing the total to six.

With its lower-class, sometimes humorous, recognizable characters and dialogue, Buried Child resembles the mid-century American realism and grotesquerie of Arthur Miller ( Death of a Salesman ) or Tennessee Williams ( A Streetcar Named Desire ). However, its roots in ritual and its approach to monumental, timeless themes of human suffering—incest, murder, deceit, and rebirth—resemble the destruction wreaked by the heroes of Greek tragedy. The play contains many of Shepard’s favorite motifs: a quirky, often frightening, family of antagonists contained in a claustrophobic farmhouse somewhere in the great American Midwest.

Corn On Macabre - I & IICorn On Macabre - I & IICorn On Macabre - I & IICorn On Macabre - I & II