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Omnivore - one small step

A few experiments in the lab had previously managed to send information using quantum entanglement. But translating their efforts to the real world, where any number of factors could confound the process is a much more difficult challenge. That’s exactly what these two teams of researchers have done. Their breakthrough, published in two separate papers  today in  Nature Photonics, promises to offer important advancements for communications and encryption technologies.

Paula Wolfert's copy, with her signed bookplate to front free endpaper. Der Haroutunian became famous for this and his previous book on Middle Eastern cookery, as he was known for his precision and historical knowledge of his subject. A few stains to fore-edges from a coffee splash, else very good. $50. SOLD

As a city kid from New York, I had never really given much thought to where my food came from, but faced with the reality of the intensive animal farming industry, I had to do something to stop contributing to industrial meat production and all that it represented, from a humane, ethical, and environmental standpoint. I decided to become a vegetarian.

Omnivore - One Small StepOmnivore - One Small StepOmnivore - One Small StepOmnivore - One Small Step